The DJ PeterD team has been busy on the Gold Coast at the 2019 Beatmix DJ conference where we had the pleasure of sitting in a room of not only 40+ DJ/MCs but also a hand full of Celebrants, where we have learnt so much.

During the course of this time we covered not only nuts and bolts on business but also discussing how we as industry leaders can add value with new ideas for our clients.

Many business just do what they do but we always look at how we can learn and make sure we improve our services.

We are looking forward to coming back re energised and fresh for the 2019-2020 wedding season after this little break.

If you would like more professional lighting, more music mixing or do you feel it would be better to have a dedicated MC as well as a DJ for your event let us know.

Let us know what you think and don’t be shy.

Great group of like minded people, Celebrants, MCs and DJs