Fun with a Photobooth

Here at DJ PeterD Entertainment Plus we are proud to announce we too are able to offer you a photobooth at your next event. With the purchase of Bearbooth in 2018 we have been able to add photobooths to our fleet for your enjoyment and as we own the booths...

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Quality over Price

At DJ PeterD Entertainment Plus we have worked hard for many years at all levels and have catered for all styles and budgets. We have found in the past 3 years by working on quality we are actually able to provide a better service and that is also improving each week...

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The Right Entertainment

You have decided to get married and it is now time to work out what plays an important part in the big day / night. Don’t get me wrong everything plays a part and everything done right contributes in a big way to the success of your main event.We have seen forums and...

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What to look for when hiring a DJ

Firstly I would NOT ask for a playlist or for a list of all their songs or if you can come see them perform. A true professional mobile DJ is experienced at reading crowds and they need the flexibility to decide what fits best at whatever moment on the day or night....

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Wedding Priority Myths

Personal opinions only by DJ PeterD  So your partner has finally asked the big question and you said yes!!! What is next and most people find a mine field ahead of them not knowing what should be done and what is acceptable (perceived only) Here I am keen to give...

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Why do people charge more for weddings?

A common thread happening in the wedding industry is people asking the question why do you charge more when we mention the word wedding. Well I can only speak on behalf of the entertainment industry and there may be some other entertainers that may not agree. When we...

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Master of Ceremonies (MC) any one can do this!

We have all been to functions or weddings and said wow that looks easy I can do this. We lets enlighten people on what the role of an Master of Ceremonies (MC Emcee) really is. It is just making announcements, right? No, it isn't. When people take the role seriously...

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Let's chat!

If your planning wedding (or any private event for that matter) contact us! We'd love to help you with the best entertainment solution for your event.