Here at DJ PeterD we don’t just provide music or lights or just MC roles, we provide SERVICE.

What does it mean?

Well let me explain one of our recent weddings in July 2017 at Eagle Ridge Weddings.

Our lovely couple lived in QLD so the first thing we did was spend time on FaceTime to meet them then this was followed up with a personal visit to QLD to sit with them to plan their day.

Yes we help plan the FULL day not just what music to play, we spent many hours planning their structure for the day from the morning right through to the end of the night.

This couple wanted to have special moments created throughout the event and we helped create those moments.

We had comments from guests that it was the best entertainment they had ever seen at a wedding.

Without going into all the details we included at least 5 moments to add to their day to make all the difference.

So when you ask for a price from an entertainment provider also ask them what is included in the service as we promote here at DJ PeterD its about the service not about the loudest speakers or the most lights its a service that will make the difference to your event.

So if you would like more information please contact us for one of the best services for DJ in Mornington, MC in Mornington, Award winning DJ MC

A Moment in time