We have all been to functions or weddings and said wow that looks easy I can do this.

We lets enlighten people on what the role of an Master of Ceremonies (MC Emcee) really is.

It is just making announcements, right? No, it isn’t.

When people take the role seriously people suddenly find out there is a lot more to it and that the Uncle, Aunt or Friend might not actually be the best person for the job.

To start with the MC needs to either know or get to know the client a bit first so that when the MC addresses the clients he or she comes across as someone that is known to the client.

The MC also needs to know the venue or get to know the venue and find out from the venue what the running order is and the MC helps to keep to this running order make making changes to the process as the night progresses.

The MC also needs to know the house rules, such as no drinks on the dance floor, where the toilets are, where smokers can go and how to control the crowd.

People have to understand that sometimes a friend is not the best person for this role as they can get heckled or put off by their friends and yes this may be funny at the time but the MC has to control the crowd to make sure things get done in the time frame allowed so the food does not get ruined.

Many times I have heard people say gee the steak or fish wasn’t very hot! or why did it take so long for the mains to come out? most of the time this happens is the speeches went for too long and the Chef needs notice to prepare his or her food.

A true MC is involved in most of the day and sometimes even the ceremony and group photo time.

As an example I am generally there when the bride arrives for the ceremony and make sure she has had enough to drink and is calm and excited (not stressed or drained) before she walks down the aisle. Then when it comes to the reception I keep an eye on the bride and groom to make sure they have enough fluid (water is best) as there is a lot of build up to the day some people come down during the reception and all of a sudden the headache kicks in or just dehydration.

So as you can see a true MC does more than just announcements, in a nut shell and bullet point the key roles are:

Liase with Client to make them comfortable before and on the day

Liase with venue to ensure all timings are kept to

Create atmosphere with the crowd to create the mood for a party

Remain sober to make sure all guests and clients are happy the full night without problems

To find solutions if there are any issues, such as thorns on the throwing Bouquet

As you can see there is a lot more to it than just talking on a microphone, so before you ask your friends or relatives to be your MC seriously consider if they are able to fulfil the requirements.

For any further assistance or help please contacts us and we at DJ PeterD Entertainment Plus will be happy to help.

Remember to have fun and relax