At DJ PeterD Entertainment Plus we have worked hard for many years at all levels and have catered for all styles and budgets.

We have found in the past 3 years by working on quality we are actually able to provide a better service and that is also improving each week due to our commitment to each client.

We used to take on as many bookings as we could as that was how we were conditioned in the past, take lots of work and create income while you can. 

Today we are 3 to 4 times more expensive than before but we do 5 to 6 times more work for our clients and we spend more time to make it a personal experience for YOU. 

We have invested in training and in quality products to set us apart from many others.

So when looking for a DJ in Mornington or a Wedding DJ Mornington give us a call and we can explain what we offer that makes us different