You have decided to get married and it is now time to work out what plays an important part in the big day / night.

Don’t get me wrong everything plays a part and everything done right contributes in a big way to the success of your main event.
We have seen forums and surveys done where past brides have re visited what they had done and discussed what they would have done differently.

You guessed it many said they would have done the entertainment in a better way as prior to the event they thought it was just music! And anyone can play just music.

The first thing to consider when deciding on entertainment is what do you want and what is realistic? As a DJ/MC Entertainer I can strongly state a professional DJ/MC Entertainer is worth every penny and you get so much more from them.

So what do you get from a professional? All professionals will sit with you personally and discuss how and what you would like from your main event, we do not tell you we ask you and will guide you through the wedding minefield.

All professionals are able to MC and some will even be entertainers. What do you mean with entertainer? What we mean is they will interact with your guests and be lively on the microphone and if the vibe is right will even play games to create crowd involvement.

As a professional we also try to create special moments on the night so that people will leave your wedding saying they have never seen that before!
Another key benefit of a DJ/MC Entertainer is the fact you have non stop music from beginning to end so no breaks and no volume changing up and down during the night.

What should you look for when finding entertainment? The same as you should for a venue or celebrant, Personality!!!!!! If you like the person you talk to and get the right vibe book them. Just like a venue you walk in and fall in love with the venue, staff, food, location or all, you need to have that same feeling with your entertainment as we play a massive part in your big event.

Don’t worry about asking all the questions as the true professional will ask you the questions to make sure you and them are a perfect match, there is a source for DJ’s in Australia where the DJ’s are all accredited and must adhere to certain standards, this group is also linked up with the WA DJ association, New Zealand association and associated with others in the US.

Another key thing to keep in mind is: Have a great time and allow your suppliers to service you as this will make your wedding stress free.

We hope you find this blog useful and if you are looking for a professional that services Victoria (we are also happy to travel) contact Peter de Wever from