Personal opinions only by DJ PeterD 

So your partner has finally asked the big question and you said yes!!!

What is next and most people find a mine field ahead of them not knowing what should be done and what is acceptable (perceived only)

Here I am keen to give some small tips to help you relax and get back to enjoying life.

In todays environment there is NO standard for weddings, (ceremonial duties aside)

Ceremony time: What is right what is wrong and what is acceptable?

What is right? = everything YOU want is right, it is your wedding not the church, priest, celebrant or your parents.

Think about what your dream has always been as a young person how you visualized your day and try to replicate your dream.

You just have to make sure that in the ceremony that the legal process is followed all the rest is up to YOU.

What is wrong? = Nothing is wrong as stated above as long as you do the legal bit right the rest is totally in your dreams.

What is acceptable? = Almost anything and if you are a country style do as you wish and wear those boots or if you have lived the princess dream arrive in a horse drawn carriage. There are no barriers it is YOUR wedding.

Pre reception:

Now it is time for a bit of creativity to kick in, employ the services of a professional photographer and if the budget permits a videographer and let them come up with the ideas for you and just follow their leads and for months and years after the wedding you will be able to go down memory lane and remember all the awesome moments at the ceremony and pre reception.

Reception time:

Pick the right venue that suits YOU and your ideas, make sure they understand what you would like and make sure they will keep to their promises on the day. Sometimes it is worth asking people who have worked or had functions at the reception centers to get feedback.

Decorations are a personal preference and this includes Bomboneries, Flowers, Chair covers and table centerpieces. (Some venues need them to help lift the room so ask those who know)

Entertainment is a personal matter, if you want the wedding to go down the fun and interactive path you need to invest in professional entertainment and this can be in the form of an experienced band, experienced DJ, experienced Master of ceremonies, all 3 combined or just 2 of them or in some cases one can cover both.

The mood for the night can be set before you even step into the room as if you have the right entertainment they will work the crowd prior to your entry and keep that momentum going all night.

If you select the right expert in this field you will find it will be a breeze and you will just be able to book and let people do their thing!!

I see too many times that if people could re do their wedding they would change things and let others run it for them.

You can even consider contacting a wedding planner or event planner that will give you basic help with choosing quality suppliers so you know they will do what is needed or you can do the running around and as long as you book professionals, let them do what they need to do so you can relax.

In a nutshell and one paragraph I am saying when you are ready to look for suppliers find one or two that have a lot of experience and let them guide you and even take their recommendations as if you trust them you are 95% there.

Remember to allow people to do what they know best and just enjoy the ride to the wedding and look forward to the honeymoon.

This blog is just from personal experience in the industry and only a guide